Bio Weather – Your Health and The Weather

Our website: Bio Weather will be launching at very soon. aims to explain the link between the weather and your health.

Think about it. Do you feel happier when it is a cold sunny day? Do your joints ache just before rain? Do you get a migraine when there is a thunderstorm on the way? Does your skin feel itchy when it is sunny? If you do, these are all example of what we term Bioweather at work.

Bio Weather Forecasts

Surprisingly very few people actually work out the relationship between their aches and pains or other illnesses and the weather – which is why we have devised our unique Bio Weather forecasts.

Many people will find it useful to know in advance what the bioweather conditions will be for the upcoming days. This means they can plan when to make trips, have meetings or arrange important events in advance.

Bio Weather is our term for the science of biometeorology which is sometimes (but less commonly) known as medicine meteorology and bioclimatology.

Coming soon... will launch soon with a complete guide to how the weather affects your health and a service to allow you to generate your own personal Bio Weather report.

Please email us we’ll let you know as soon as the site goes fully live.